rtpDir bridge:DStarAsterisk-IrlpEcholink

rtpDir can be used on the Amateur bands, Government, commercial and private nets,
or direct user to user without any radios connected.
License required for certain bands.
3 versions: Linux GUI, Windows GUI, Linux(text mode).
To download, click on "Files".
Connect to D-Star/dextra_srv with rtpDir + dextra_cli.
Connect to D-Star/dplus with rtpDir + dstar2analog.
Asterisk + chan_dstar.c ready.
DEXTRA_SRV runs like dplus and does not block dongles.
DEXTRA_REFLECT is our first D-Star reflector software.

Basic features:
Recording,playback,controlled announcements.
Bridges and RX/TX from/to D-Star, Asterisk/app_rpt, IRLP, Echolink, Speak-Freely.
Create and operate your own private VoIP net.
Full-featured IRLP,Asterisk and Echolink node(link, repeater, ...).
Multiple nodes are accepted even when an IRLP node is connected.
Control any type of node with DTMF tones
No need to use the Asterisk URI board or modify a USB sound fob.
No need to use the IRLP board.
Transmit using computer mic or radio.
DTMF or text command control from Windows or Linux.
Protocol conversion between D-Star, Asterisk/app_rpt, IRLP, Echolink, Speak-Freely.
ADPCM, u-Law, GSM, AMBE(with DVSI chip) codec transcoders included.
DTMF processing internal(built-in) or External(hardware).
Morse code IDs or Voice. COS "sensing" or VOX or both.
Support for all link interfaces
(sound mode or ASCII mode, VA3TO,WB2REM,ULI,Rigblasters,MFJ,SignalLink,...)
USB-based radio interfaces also work.
Mark a station as "Mute", "Deaf" or "Mute and Deaf".
Timeouts for login, download, connection. Activity reporting.
RF station identification(audio, CW).
Welcome message(audio, CW or text). Convert text to CW.
Server/client, interfaces with scripts.
With/without a soundcard. Audio signal strength indicator.